About Pressure Perfect 
Pressure Perfect started as a pressure washing/soft washing company in 2019. We decided from the start that our company would NOT be a here today, gone tomorrow small business. We sought out all of the guidelines for starting a business in Arkansas and made sure to put guidelines in place to ensure that we could create a business that will one day be passed down to our children. We maintain insurance and keep our business license up to date in order to have the best safeguards for our customers. We attend trainings to ensure that we are up to date on the best and safest practices for our customers. Our goal is to have a lifelong customer by giving our all in every situation. 

Toward the beginning of 2022, we expanded our services to include trash-outs/haul-offs. We obtained a dump trailer and have worked with property management companies, apartment complexes, realtors, commercial customers, and residential customers. Our name has spread and most of our pressure washing, and trash-out customers come to us from recommendations from previous customers. 

Experienced, local, and being customer-focused is what makes Pressure Perfect your best choice for cleaning-up your property! We love cleaning-up Arkansas, one residential or commercial property at a time. 

We use perfect pressure.

Here at Pressure Perfect we are trained in using the right amount of pressure for the job. Some surfaces, such as brick, can be cleaned using pressure. On the other hand, you would never want to use pressure on surfaces such as stucco or vinyl siding. We use a soft wash technique that uses no damage-causing pressure on sensitive surfaces. Our training has taught us how to use the best washing techniques based on each individual job.  

Our philosophy.
Our philosophy is to have integrity on every single job we do. We want to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Every single thing we do represents our name and that means a lot to us. Our employees are trained to not do a halfway job and their work is checked before the completion of every job.  

107 Katye Lane
Sherwood, Arkansas