Should I Get My House Pressure Washed Before I Paint it? --Cabot, Arkansas

Getting your house pressure washed before getting it painted is a good idea for many reasons. Painting over anything that is dirty, is like covering up rather than cleaning up. It is like putting clean clothes on a dirty body. The house is still dirty, but it is just dirty with a fresh coat of paint covering up the dirt. Paint has a hard time adhering to dirt and old paint, so choosing to paint instead of washing it just makes a new paint job necessary faster next time. Having a professional pressure washing company wash the house before painting will ensure that everything is clean, mold and mildew are not growing, and provide a clean slate to start painting on.


Painting Over Mold and Mildew Is A Waste of Time 

Many houses in Central Arkansas have algae, moss, mildew, and mold growing on them. Some homeowners may be tempted to just paint over the ugly green fungus growing on their house, but in doing so they are just wasting their time and money. Painting over the mildew and mold will not be a simple fix. That mold and mildew will continue to grow and eat through the paint that you just had put on.  Showing a potential homebuyer that you have had your home professionally washed, will show the new homeowners that there are no underlying issues under a fresh coat of paint. 


Pressure Washing Can Assist in Preparing A House For Painting

For the homes who do need an actual paint job due to paint that is chipped and peeling, pressure washing, with the right tip and pressure, can actually aid in knocking off all of the paint that is already peeling. If you have ever had to scrape paint, then you know exactly how time consuming it can be. It is a seemingly never-ending job that will take way longer than even painting the house itself. A good low-pressure house wash can knock off the loose paint and still prevent gouging the wood. 


Get A Second Opinion Before Scheduling Vinyl Siding Replacement or House Painting 

Many times, we have customers call to get a second opinion on a house wash. They will have contractors tell them that their siding needs replaced, or their house needs to be painted just because of the green accumulated on it. Using a soft wash system allows us to get off that green junk without the homeowner having to endure the expensive cost of vinyl siding replacement or even a costly, time consuming paint job. Before you go through with a costly repair or replacement of the outside of your home, give Pressure Perfect a call to see if our expert home washers can get it done with a simple wash instead. Our team is honest and will advise the customer on the best method of moving forward with their home. 


The Importance of Hiring A Professional Pressure Washing Company

I cannot count the number of times I have had homeowners who thought they would save money by buying their own pressure washer and do the job themselves. There are many dangers associated with pressure washers and a lot of damage can be done to your home if you do not know how to use them correctly. Some jobs are just meant to be left to the professionals. 


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